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Make up is a girl’s first priority from the decades she cannot move into the society without wearing it. And if you want to make a girl happy then you should gift her something which can make her makeup collection worthy. Barbie is the center of attraction for girls from decades; she has an ideal figure and beauty which admire a girl Barbi Make upand for which a girl wish. Barbie make up is a tool of girls to look like Barbie completely. A girl can achieve Barbie’s figure by adopting a lot of dieting plans but to get looks of her she needs to put the Barbie make up.

Things important for Barbie make up

To get the perfect Barbie make up you should have perfect figure and then you need to have all of the Barbie’s collection of makeup. The most important thing is quality make up products especially base cake and mascara because base cake makes your skin tone even and smooth like Barbie and mascara is the most important thing which makes Barbie different. Then you should use girly colors like pink, red, maroon etc. of blush on and lip gloss. Besides this you should take great care of your skin make it nourish and smooth with lotion and keep it clean and also focus on your hands as well. You hands should be clean and your nails should be in proper shape.

How to put Barbie make up on

To put Barbie make up in a perfect manner you should firstly make your skin clean with some quality face wash and then apply base cake to make your skin tone even and plain. Always chose the shade of base according to your skin tone do not go opposite to it. Then next step is putting your mascara on, remember your mascara should be sharp and equally applied on both sides with perfection. You can highlight you eyes by using liner but this is optional. If you have thin eye lashes then apply artificial eye lashes. In Barbie make up eyes have great importance and focus so be careful while putting your mascara, liner and eye lashes. Before moving towards your blush on you should focus that Barbie has a thin and sharp nose so make you nose edges sharp with a slightly brown color. Then you move forward to the blush on and lip color, blush is the identity of Barbie so use soft and bright colors like pink, red, baby pink etc for blush on and for lip color use light pink gloss so it gives a better result to you Barbie make up.

Final touch

In the end you should check your overall appearance and then apply a suitable pink glossy nail color to your nails and make them perfect. Wear a Barbie dress and your Barbie make up is done now enjoy the feeling.



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